TBM 910

2018 Daher TBM 910 – Under Contract

Instruments & Standard avionics:

° 2 GMA 1347C Dual digital audio controller with integrated marker beacon

receiver, intercom and public-address capability on outer side for pilot and co-pilot, Bluetooth capability

° 2 GDU 1050A 10” PFD high resolution display with three axis flight dynamics, air speed,

altitude, vertical speed, HSI w/ perspective modes, turn, bank side slip, NAV/COM frequencies     indication and AP annunciation

° 1 GDU1550, 15” high resolution multi-function display with engine (w/ optimum TRQ setting     display), pressurization, electrical, fuel, flaps and trims indication, Crew Alerting System (CAS), checklist, aircraft synoptics and super large navigation mapping system.

° 2 GIA 63W Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS GPS

° 2 GEA 71 Engine and airframe interface unit

° 2 GRS 79 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)

° 2 GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer

° 2 GDC 72B digital air-data computers w/ dual probe system

° 1 GTX345 Mode S Extended Squitter Transponder (#1)

° 1 GCU475 remote FMS control panel with analog-feel joystick conveniently located on the central console

° 1 GMC 710 autopilot mode controller located in upper central panel

° 4 GSA 81 torque flight servos (yaw, pitch, pitch trim and roll)

° 1 GTA 82 adapter for yaw auto trim device

° 1 MD302 Back up Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude digital display

° Airframe de-icing control panel

° Inertial separator control

° Landing gear control panel

° Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel

° Crew Alerting System displayed on GDU with dedicated master warning and caution

° Voice alert System

° Cabin temperature control (dual zone, with over ride capability)

° Heated stall warning system

° Digital chronometer displayed on GDU

° Digital Flight time hourmeter

° Instrument panel lighting, CB dedicated switch lighting

° 2 Bose Headsets

° Flight Data Recorder

° Garmin FlightStream 510


Enhanced Operational Package:

° RVSM data package

° GTX 345 Extended Squitter Mode S Transponder (#2) with ADS-B

° GRA 55 Radar Altimeter displayed on PFD’s

° TAWS-B, class B TAWS worldwide database

° GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) displayed on MFD and PFD inset map

° KN 63 DME displayed on PFD’s

° Electric pitch and rudder trims on co-pilot control wheel

° Co-pilot side map light and approach plate holder

° WX 500 Stormscope displayable on all screens

° GWX70 digital four-color weather radar – 10” antenna

° Gold or Brushed stainless trimming of individual fresh-air vents and reading light rings

° AOA + Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) + Under Speed Protection (USP) + Stick Shaker

° GDL 69 A datalink XM/WX weather information and XM audio infotainment (US Coverage      only)

° Chart view option for GDUs

° Synthetic Vision Technology displayed on PFD’s

° GSR56 datalink with SatPhone through headsets and WX weather information (worldwide coverage – subscription required)  

Premium Edition Fittings including:

° 6 leather seats with adjustable backrests, folding armrests and intermediate seats with forward or backward accommodation with multiple installation configuration; contrasting stitching.

° Fully adjustable (3-axis) pilot and co-pilot seats and adjustable rudder pedals

° Cabin accommodation capable of 4 seats layout includes 2 nets for luggage load

° Leather upper cabin side panels, leather covered lower cabin side panels, wool carpeting

° Individual fresh-air vents and reading lights

° Pilot and co-pilot sun visors

° Ship-powered headset jacks behind each seat (Bose Lemo plugs)

° Baggage compartment with straps and baggage net

° Halon cabin extinguisher

° Parking protection kit – Windshield cover

° Environment system w/ engine driven air-conditioning system (VCS)

 Additional Features:  

° One lower storage cabinet (left)

° Deluxe wood or carbon trim interior package on central upper panel, table and face of cabinets

° Heated seats – all positions

° Jeppesen data base – One year subscription (Americas or International) includes NavData, Safe Taxi, Obstacles, Terrain


° 2018 TBM 910 CARE PROGRAM : up to the Aircraft fifth (5th) Annual Inspection or up to 1,000 flight hours total time, whichever comes first, and assigned to the original first retail customer. CAMP computerized maintenance follow-up.

° Avionics System Warranty extension to 5 years*

° System Warranty extension to 5 years or 1,000 hours*

* see warranty documentation for specific details of coverage






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