2016 Daher-Socata TBM 930 Pilot Door Elite Edition

• Metal structure and skin paneling
• Carbon fiber engine cowling and winglets
• Anti-corrosion protection treatment
• Retractable gear with electrohydraulic actuation
• Hydraulic disc brakes
• Pressurized 6 seats cabin (6.2 psi) and baggage compartment
• Sound proofing and thermal insulation
• Pilot Access Door
• Large access door with retractable stairway
• Emergency exit
• Front storage compartment (not pressurized)
with lockable access door
• Easy maintenance access doors
• Wing Tie-down attachments


Fuel Equipment:
• One structural fuel tank per wing
• Engine driven fuel pump
• Standby electrical fuel pump and low pressure switch/ indication
• Fuel tank selector with automatic fuel tank sequencer unit
• Capacitive fuel gauges with low fuel level warning system


Ice protection:
• Pneumatically deiced wing and tail unit
• Heated engine air intake lip
• Pilot controlled engine inertial separator
• Electrically heated propeller blades
• Electrically heated pitot tubes
• Electrically deiced stall warning sensor
• Pilot & Co-pilot electrically heated windshields – Ice detector light


Electrical Equipment:
• New automatic starter generator transition during start
• Lead acid battery 24V-42 A.h
• Starter generator 28V-300 Amp
• Standby generator 28 V- 100 Amp
• Electrical power control center
• Circuit breakers
• Anticollision lights – Beacon on Winglets & tail
• Navigation lights – Taxiing and landing LED lights
• Ground power plug – Ground clearance energy saver
• Tri-band ELT with GPS connection
• 14 V port + 2 USB port on copilot side
• Jacking points
• Gaseous oxygen system for 6 seats and quick downing masks for pilot & copilot


• PT6 A66D Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engine
developing 1825 SHP thermodynamic, flat rated at 850 SHP
propeller with overspeed limiter, full feathering and reverse
• Oil cooler
• Anti-icing air inlet with inertial separator without operational limitation
• Dual polished exhaust system aerodynamically optimized
• Service access doors in cowlings
• Dual engine Chip detector displayed on GDU 1500


• Full composite electrically de-iced five bladed HARTZELL constant speed
• Polished aluminum spinner cone


• Dual flight controls, control wheel with 7 integrated functions, leather covered.
(Electric pitch, rudder trim, Transp, Change freq COM1, on pilot control wheel)
• Elevator, rudder and aileron electric trim
• Electrical pre-select flaps with integrated asymmetry detection system

• Central console including:
– single lever power control with low bleed idle inhibition – electric flap control – fuel selector – manual pitch trim – ailerons electric trim
– manual override control

• Adjustable rudder pedals
• Landing gear handle
• Dual toe brakes – Parking brake
• Landing gear emergency extension handle
• Automatic environment and pressurization control system with max diff mode
• Alternate static source control
• Alternate ram air source control


Instruments & Standard avionics:
• 1 GMA 1347C Dual digital audio controller with integrated marker beacon
receiver, intercom and public address capability
• 2 GDU 1200W 12” Primary Flight Displays
• 1 GDU 1200W 12” Multi-Function Display with engine,
pressurization, electrical, fuel, flaps and trims indication, Crew Alerting


System (CAS), aircraft synoptics and navigation mapping system.
• 2 GIA 63W Nav/Com/ILS/WAAS GPS
• 2 GEA 71 Engine and airframe interface unit
• 2 GRS 77 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
• 2 GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer
• 2 GDC 74B digital air-data computers w/ dual probe system
• 1 GTX33 Mode S transponder with Extended Squitter (ES)
• 2 GTC580 Tactile Controllers located on reclined section of panel
• 1 GMC 710 autopilot mode controller located in upper central panel
• 4 GSA 81 torque flight servos (yaw, pitch, pitch trim and roll)
• 1 GTA 82 adapter for yaw auto trim device
• 1 MD302 Back up Attitude, Airspeed, Altitude digital display
• AOA – Angle of Attack Sensor, Computer and displays on PFD’s
• ESP – Electronic Stability Protection with AOA connection for Underspeed Protection
• FDR – Flight Data Recorder
• Aural Warning System
• Airframe de-icing control panel
• Inertial separator control
• Parking brake control
• Landing gear control panel
• Electric generation controls and monitoring on overhead panel
• Advisory panel displayed on GDU 1200W master caution warning & alerts
• Cabin temperature control (dual zone, with override capability)
• Heated stall warning system
• Digital chronometer displayed on GDU 1040s
• Flight time hourmeter
• Instrument panel lighting, CB dedicated switch lightning
• 2 Bose Headsets


Premium Edition Fittings including:
• 6 leather seats with adjustable backrests, folding armrests and intermediate
seats with forward or backward accommodation with multiple installation configuration.
• Fully adjustable (3-axis) pilot and co-pilot seats and adjustable rudder pedals
• Cabin accommodation capable of 4 seats layout includes 2 nets for luggage load
• Leather upper cabin side panels, leather covered lower cabin side panels, wool carpeting
• Individual fresh-air vents and reading lights
• Pilot and co-pilot sun visors
• Ship-powered headset jacks behind each seat (Bose Lemo plugs)
• Baggage compartment with straps and baggage net
• Halon cabin extinguisher
• Parking protection kit – Windshield cover
• Environment system w/ engine driven air-conditioning system (VCS)


Enhanced Operational Package:
• RVSM data package
• GTX 33 Mode S transponder (#2) with Extended Squitter
• GRA 55 Radar Altimeter displayed on PFD’s
• TAWS-B, class B TAWS worldwide database
• GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) displayed on MFD and PFD inset map
• KN 63 DME displayed on PFD’s
• Electric pitch and rudder trims on co-pilot control wheel
• Co-pilot side map light and approach plate holder
• WX 500 Stormscope displayable on all screens
• GWX70 digital four color weather radar – 10” antenna
• Gold or Brushed stainless trimming of individual fresh-air vents and reading light rings


Additional Features:
• GDL 69 A datalink XM/WX weather information and XM audio infotainment (US Coverage Only)
• Chart view option for GDUs
• One lower storage cabinet (left)
• Synthetic Vision Technology displayed PFD’s
• GSR56 datalink with satphone through headsets and WX weather information
(worldwide coverage – subscription required)
• Deluxe wood or carbon trim interior package on central upper panel, table and face of cabinets



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