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TBM 910 N910ER

2019 Daher TBM 910 Elite Edition – New Features Highlighted!

TBM 910 N910ER

Recently arrived from France this 2019 TBM 910 has only ferry time since new.  The TBM provides the performance of a light jet with the flexibility and economy of a turbo prop.  Cruise at 330ktas for 1000nm at FL310 in the worlds fastest single engine certified aircraft.  The 2019 model year includes several new features to enhance comfort and safety.

TBM 910 N910ER

Auto-Ice Protection System

New for 2019 is the Automatic In-flight Ice Protection System. A tail mounted sensor detects ice and provides automatic deployment of the aircraft ice protection systems. This acts as a backup in the event that the pilot fails to identify and take action in icing conditions.

TBM 910 N910ER

Digital Heading Sensor

With the addition of a remote magnetometer the MidContinent MD302 now provides digital magnetic heading data.  This independently battery powered instrument now becomes a full ADAHRS back up system.

TBM 910 N910ER

Surface Watch

SurfaceWatch is a runway monitoring technology that provides indications and alerts designed to help prevent pilots from taking off or landing on the wrong runway, a runway that is too short, or a taxiway.

TBM 910 N910ER

Visual Approach

With visual approach guidance, pilots can manage the descent to landing in visual flight conditions. Vertical guidance is provided based on a published glide path angle or a three-degree glideslope from the threshold of the runway. 

TBM 910 N910ER

New Interior

Newly designed seats, headrests and armrests provide additional comfort and styling.  All seats are heated with individual overhead LED reading lights and air vents.  The table stowage cover now provides storage for mobile phones and smaller tablets.  Two high power USB charging ports are located just aft of the table.

TBM 910 N910ER

115V Power

Located in the rear right seat panel storage area the new 115V power plug is accessible to the passengers.  It can be used for charging laptops and other small electronic devices.  

Fly with Peace of Mind

Fly with the confidence of knowing that your aircraft is covered by the best programs in the industry. Every new TBM delivers with extended manufacturer’s warranties covering major components for up to 5 years or 1000 flight hours.  In addition, TBM Care provides coverage for scheduled maintenance events up to the 5th annual or 1000 hours.

TBM 910 N910ER

N910ER is the latest addition to the long heritage of high performance turbo prop aircraft from Daher.  Please contact me today to for more information and to arrange a showing at a time and location convenient to you.

Fly Safe,

Ken Dono
Sales Manager

Columbia Aircraft Sales
(860) 715-8806