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We believe experience matters. At Columbia we have over 40-years’ worth and we’d like to share some of that accumulated wisdom with you.  We are proud to introduce our very own WingTips series – featuring exciting and fresh new content from our experts to you.  From interesting vlogs and time lapse presentations to short videos chock full of insightful content, WingTips is designed to help make the very most of your TBM Ownership Experience!

From maintenance and avionics questions and concerns, to tips on navigating common administrative processes for all aspects of TBM ownership and operation, WingTips will feature pearls of wisdom from our seasoned veterans here at Columbia.  Want to know how to fly legally following an N# change?  Efficiently re-install an accidental oxygen mask release? Best way to troubleshoot avionic squawks in flight? WingTips has you covered with this series of specialized content meant to complement and enhance your knowledge base, entertain, educate, and enlighten!  Enjoy!

O2 Mask Repacking

Power Section Install Timelapse

Maintenance: “N” Number Change

Avionics: Troubleshooting Tips

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