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2019 Piper M500

Piper Availability -For Immediate and Unrestricted Sale!

(Groton, CT – February 27, 2020)  These two Pipers below, an M500 and M350, are both holdovers from our 2019 selling season. Demo flights and ferry only. Both under 45 hours total time. As yet unsold since factory new, carrying factory warranty and complimentary initial pilot training in addition to their standard equipment and options.

These are spectacular aircraft with awesome capabilities due to their proven airframe and engine, coupled with superior Garmin NXi avionics and Electronic Stability Protection safety enhancements. Well suited to both long trips or short hops.

We are eager to sell these units and happy to negotiate as needed. All reasonable offers will be given serious consideration. Contact me today to discuss either aircraft if you are interested.

Thank You!
Clay Hammond

Specs in Brief:

Trim and Registration are ALL vinyl over a BASE WHITE. Custom wrap vinyl or paint in your desired colors quick and fast!
FIKI, Radar, NXi w/ ESP,
Hypoxia Recognition,
Bluetooth, Flightstream 510

Specs in Brief:

Matterhorn White over Red with Toreador Red and Tibetan Pearl trim.

5-Blade Hartzell, NXi w/ ESP, Bluetooth, Flightstream 510

This M500 will do 80% of your missions!