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new logo

A New Logo and New Look Ahead

new logo

(GROTON, CT – Sept. 11, 2017)  There’s a story behind our new logo that we started rolling out this week. Along with the why and the what behind our new logo there’s a story about the value of experience in aviation that all pilots will understand.

The Why & The What

Like everyone else in general aviation we’re looking ahead to 2020. It’s a milestone year for the general aviation industry and for us marking the official launch of the NextGen airspace system and Columbia’s 40th anniversary. Our company has evolved along with the industry and we wanted to reflect that in our new look.

Our name and original logo recognized our passion for aviation while honoring the seafaring heritage of our home in Groton/New London. The Cheyenne 400 aircraft and the trans-Atlantic packet ship “Columbia” each epitomized safe and speedy travel in their times. We feel that the swept wing, empennage and winglets pictured in our new logo represent both the evolution of GA and our company over the 40 years we’ve been in business.

old logoSome trivia about our original logo: The “dot” or “hole” on the sail in was the logo of the “Black Ball Line” with the ball painted on its forward sail. In 1837 “Columbia” won $10,000 in the first recorded contest to cross the Atlantic in the shortest time. It made the voyage in 16 days beating the “Sheriden” by two days. The Cheyenne was the fastest production turboprop in the world in its day and a favorite aircraft of ours.

Because Experience Matters

As every pilot knows, no matter how you change your aircraft, your avionics or your ratings the thing that makes all the difference is experience. It’s not just the number of hours in your logbook, it’s the know-how and the ability to pass along that knowledge and sense of good judgment.

To us that means a deep, company-wide commitment to the quality of customer service. That begins with aircraft sales where our specialists make the entire selection and purchase process informative, exciting and stress-free. That customer-centric focus continues through our meticulous maintenance and avionics service.

Staff training and retention is one of the highest priorities within our company. By 2020, at least six Columbia® Air Services, Inc. employees will have at least 30 or more years of experience with the company. We leverage that formidable knowledge base through our mentoring program to systematically pass along our culture of service, precision and safety to new employees. The company has also launched student recruitment and scholarship programs.

Commitment and Experience, that’s what our updated look means to us. We hope it signals the same to you so let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,

Art Maurice & Harry Holt

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