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Director of Maintenance Jim Celentano Retires

(Groton, CT – April 30, 2021)  Columbia wishes a fond farewell this week to Jim Celentano, Director of Maintenance, who has overseen the Columbia maintenance department for the past 40 years.  One of Columbia’s earliest employees, Jim was integral in building a fledgling maintenance department into what is considered one of the finest PT6 aviation shops in the country.  Known as much for his remarkable technical aptitude as for his passion and dedication to fair, exceptional customer service and customer relations, Jim has built a widespread reputation as a premier expert in the field.

However, Jim’s foresight and care for his department is most evident in the excellent team of hand-picked technicians he and Adam Stino, Assistant Director of Maintenance, have developed. Intent on ensuring the high standards of service remain first-rate, Jim has partnered with and mentored Adam for several years to serve as his replacement.  A 20-year veteran technician at Columbia, Adam’s skill, dedication and reputation in our shop and among our customers are also particularly impressive, and his move into this largely administrative role will be the smoothest of transitions.

Columbia is indebted to Jim for his pivotal role in developing our maintenance shop’s reputation for excellence.  While we will miss Jim, we are confident that reputation and success will continue in the able hands of Adam.  We are proud to claim both these professionals as part of the Columbia team.