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Piper M-Class

Q3 2018 Piper M-Class Positions Available, But Limited…

Piper M-Class

Are you considering an upgrade into a new Piper M-Class M350, M500 or M600 in 2018?  Summer is just upon us, but the time to act is now for a delivery before end of this year. Especially for those wishing to claim the entire year for bonus depreciation…the aircraft will need to be purchased and put into service prior to the end of Q3.  Columbia Aircraft Sales has aircraft available in this time frame for every performance need and budget.

TLDR: Call me now if you are considering a purchase of M350, M500, or M600. 2018 availability is being taken up fast.  Details below.
Piper M-Class
2018 M350 S/N 736 Delivers Late October
ONLY pressurized piston available in new production marketplace.
Why wear a bulky mask or uncomfortable nose cannula?  Ride instead in pressurized, cabin class luxury.  Go the distance with a 1300nm range… more with optional extended range fuel upgrade. Unparalleled comfort in a piston!  Forward leaning innovation in the form of G1000NXi, ESP Enablement, Flight Stream 510 Connext with your personal iDevices, and automated pressurization.
$1,178,610 Base Price
For a limited time YOU pick the options, paint & N-Number!
2018 M500 S/N 645 Delivers Mid-September

Piper’s original single engine turbine.  Proven capability in an economical package.

Click Here: Piper M500 Online Specs & Info

Compare entry price and operating cost to anything else in its class. You save, the numbers don’t lie!  The M500 is less expensive to purchase and operate than it’s counterparts. Modern updates like Hartzell five-blade propeller, G1000NXi with ESP, Flightstream 510, and automated pressurization make upgrading from your current aircraft worthwhile. Transitioning up out of your piston into the turbine world has never been easier or more safe.  The M500 is the perfect gateway and a logical transition!
$2,189,469 Well Equipped 
Paint and N-Number due early August!
Select additional options available if desired.
2018 M600 S/N 084 Delivers Late August
Piper M-ClassPiper M-Class

A natural evolution of the Malibu and Meridian, Piper’s flagship M600 combines greater performance, better load, and longer legs to provide you with a distinct improvement over the M350 and M500.

It’s top of the line with 274kt Max Cruise, 1650nm Max Range, 2400lb Useful Load, 250kt Vmo, and yet still simple to operate and easy to fly…all while maintaining the low operating cost that Piper’s gateway turbines have always been known for.  The M600 is a proven game changer for Piper and checks off all the boxes in terms of upgrades and improvements.  Its G3000 avionics suite is industry leading and makes for an integrated flight deck that blows the doors off of prior offerings.  M600 buyers are loving their airplanes and happy to talk about it.  Let me know if you wish to hear owner testimony to help with your decision!

$3,082,119 Well Equipped
Paint and N-Number due date is imminent.  Call now to make your own choices!
Select additional options can be accommodated.

I love being in the left seat of these Piper’s! They are fun to fly, perform great, and give me an awesome feeling when I am streaking through the sky. Piper has always been committed to making safe aircraft that are easy to operate, giving great opportunity to pilot’s of any experience level! No matter what you may be coming out of, I am confident and guarantee we can find a good fit for you in an M-class aircraft. If you are currently flying a legacy Malibu, Mirage or Meridian…discover what an upgrade could do for you in terms of improved avionics and comfort, not to mention the possibility of better performance and capability if you choose to Step-Up.

Need help with insurance or financing? Call me…I am here to help and happy to provide contacts in the industry who I know will work with you to find the best deal possible. Trade-ins are ALWAYS welcome. I will work hard to find a win-win solution for both of us. I want to sell airplanes because it is what I love doing. Let me sell you your next one. My cell phone is 860-449-4070.

Piper M-Class

Clay Hammond
Piper Specialist
Columbia Aircraft Sales