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Sun n' Fun

Sun n’ Fun – Transition Day

With so many examples of fine aircraft at Sun n’ Fun it is difficult to select any one as a standout.  The T33 aka Shooting Star has always been a personal favorite since my Revell model building days (I’m dating myself and many of you won’t even know what I’m talking about, but that’s OK because those who do will understand).
Developed by Lockheed from their P80, the T33 featured a longer fuselage and a second seat with flight instruments and controls.  It quickly became the trainer of choice by the military for those pilots transitioning from piston to turbine aircraft.  It lost its roll as a training aircraft to the more advanced T-37 and T-38’s in the mid 1960’s.
The B25 aka Mitchell Bomber is another one of those iconic staples of any airshow.  Built by North American, over 10,000 were built in its four decade service run.
Sun n' Fun
Founded in 1997 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the US Air Force, the Heritage Flight formation has come to be a symbol of honor to all who have served in the USAF.  The formation can include aircraft from any of the conflicts that the USAF has been involved in.  We’ll see and hear more about the P51 later this week.
Sun n' Fun
Also later this week…
Sun n' Fun

Today was a day of transition.  The temperatures are supposed to moderate (it reached 95F (35C) today).  The crowds, though still light, were of the more serious nature.  Even the performances seemed to be unsettled with large gaps between events and a rather slow start to the night airshow (I left after 30 minutes out of sheer boredom).  After all, there are only so many loops, rolls, and hammerheads you can watch, right?But before you burn my pilots’ certificate, consider this.  In reality, I think that anyone who has attended more than a few shows really goes to see the aircraft both old and new.  The fact that there are some very talented and dedicated owner-pilot-restorers willing to put in the time is what makes these shows so special.  This special group invests capital of both the monetary and emotional kind to bring their passion to the air and to us.

Until tomorrow, fly safe.


Ken Dono Sales
Manager Columbia
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