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TBMOPA Safety Seminar

TBMOPA 2019 Safety Seminar in KGON

TBMOPA Safety Seminar

(Groton, CT – September 27, 2019)  Good day from Groton, Connecticut.

This is just a reminder that the next TBMOPA Safety Seminar will take place at Columbia Aircraft Sales in Groton, CT (KGON) on Friday, October 12th, 2019.  The lineup of seminar speakers is both entertaining and educational.

We are pleased to announce that Jerry Chipman has accepted our invitation to attend.  As you know, Jerry was an active TBM instructor for many years until his retirement in 2016.  Columbia is honored to have him as our guest and Jerry is looking forward to seeing his many friends again. We hope that you can join us in welcoming him to Groton.

In addition to the Friday seminar, there are optional training events on Thursday, October 11th and Saturday, October 13th.  Simcom will be available for in aircraft training on both days.  Tom Goonan will be the Simcom instructor.  Tom brings many years of experience as a pilot and instructor to the cockpit.

Survival Systems USA is offering their internationally recognized training program on Thursday, October 11th.  The TBM offers its owners the ability to travel great distances.  Many times, these trips take us over bodies of water.  Survival Systems provides specific training that helps educate a pilot in coping with an encounter with water, no matter how large or small.  A quote from their website sums it up best:

“Survival Systems USA courses cover everything from preparing for an aircraft accident or boating emergency, to underwater escape with and without an emergency breathing device, to open water survival…. This training is effective for swimmers & non-swimmers alike.”

TBM owners are a special group.  Their desire to build a strong community to share knowledge and experiences is second to none in the aviation world.  Regional gatherings such as the Groton event offer owners the chance to meet in a format that is more condensed then the national convention.  These events are for many, easier to schedule into their busy calendars.  We hope that you have the opportunity to attend and to share your experiences with the group.

For more information and to register please visit the events section of the TBMOPA website.