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SnF18 – Wrapping Up

SnF18 – Wrapping Up

Today was my last day at Sun ‘n Fun. In place of the usual observations that I’ve made in previous “last day” blogs I thought I’d share of a few of the things that made my week.

Problem Solved
Some very ingenious exhibitor finally figured out a way to get small children with lemonade
fingers, muddy shoes and chocolate covered shorts away from their aircraft. This full bypass engine travels around the event stopping occasionally to open its door to eat, no I meant to take the little darlings to some undisclosed location. Now, if only they could build a bigger one to take away the kids parents… Not a bad idea, eh?



Pride of Ownership

Give most owners a chance and they will quickly bore you to tears about their aircraft. But as you walk the show you will find some of the best looking (and running) aircraft are kept by a different class of owner. This is the owner who spends both of his weekend days off and most evenings tending to the details that make his/her aircraft truly stand out without their having to brag on it. Walking around early one morning I found this owner carefully wiping the dust and evening dew from his aircraft. With a little prompting he shared his name and even allowed me to this this photo. It was a wonderful encounter that made my morning.


One for the Good Guys

We all know that in the movies, the bad guys always have the fastest cars, coolest equipment and slick hide-a-ways. But, one look at this made me think that the good guys may actually have the edge this time. CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) displayed several pieces of equipment that makes me glad I’m on this side of the law, which is not unlike the feeling I get when I watch an F16 or an F22 do its thing. I’m not a boat person but I’m guessing that this bad boy needs to keep close proximity to a fuel tanker…


When Pigs Fly

“When Pig’s Fly” is one of the more fun showings during the Saturday morning balloon launch.  In addition to the pig this year saw Elsie the Cow and several other themed balloons make the early morning launch.  The launch is definitely worth seeing but be warned! If you want to get a good viewing spot you’ll need to be at the launch site no later than 6:30am (I know, way too early).


Sun ‘n Fun has become a major event that brings together aviation enthusiasts (aka aviation junkies) from around the world. It also allows us northern folk to defrost for a week in the Florida sun. I hope that you’ve enjoyed these short posts as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Until next time, fly safe.


Ken Dono

Ken Dono Sales Manager